Identity Features, LLC, has acquired, created and developed a broad-based selection of over fifty screenplays, authored by James Arcuri, which are first class feature film product and have high global reach, broad marketing appeal and long term franchise marketing. Identity Features, LLC, has invested time and money to develop their feature film slate which includes documentaries, product, novelization and a full ancillary market, which includes cross over marketing awareness and product association. Through current tax incentives and state tax structures, global distribution and Internet Social Networking, bring home faster exposure, larger markets and instant branding to all our product and profit structures. 

JAMES ARCURI - Writer/Producer/Director/Inventor

Identity Feautres, LLC


James Arcuri has been passionately committed to the entertainment industry from an early age, learning as a hands on worker in production. He graduated Wheatley High School in Old Westbury, NY in 1969.After high school, he formed a cinema class and an informativenewsletter about the motion picture business. At the age of 23 he entered inthe business as Founder & Director of the Long Island International FilmFestival, which ran successfully for over 8 years. He attended the New School for Social Research for film law and distribution, Michael F. Meyer, Professor,film classes at NYU, Professor Beta Bapka, Nassau Community College 2 years,various courses in Finance, Hofstra University and NY Institute of Technology. James Arcuri has started up companies from consulting to development and planning stages to full management. The NY Film Academy was a full start up where Arcuri planned every stage and marketing phase of the business. Arcuri owned and operated a feature film library containing over 700 feature films, selling to the major cable networks and video markets. He worked in marketing with United Artists, where he garnered much diversity such as working on the marketing campaign of “Rocky”. Writing, being his true passion, he has authored over 60 screenplays, an Illustrated novel and novels.  Being extremely diverse in the field, Arcuri has consulted and budgeted feature films and documentaries. Arcuri also is the inventor of the "Cineviewer", a pocket-able director’s view finder, which he manufactures and sells world-wide. Arcuri has recently formed a new company: Identity Features LLC, for packaging independent films, film financing, production and distribution. Currently in post-production, is the documentary “FOR GOD AND COUNTRY” about Haym Salomon, the financier of The American Revolution. Some of the current projects in different phases of development and production; Feature Film “LULLABY” completed, “A GARDEN OF THORNS” a documentary in production, and the feature film is slated for production in fall 2021, and “JONES BEACH” are documentaries and feature films now in development with various companies.