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Based on the autobiographical memoir of the same name, "A Garden of Thorns" is the story of a young boy in Dijon, France who gets caught up by the clouds of World War II. Nine year-old Roger de Anfrasio grew to be a young man during The Nazi Occupation, working with The French Resistance. Roger, our young hero, is an extraordinary boy. Rather than allow himself to be defeated, or, to ease the pain of war by collaborating and succumbing to the Nazis, he becomes an integral part of The French Resistance at the tender age of 12. This story recalls the horrific machinations of war, as seen through the eyes of a child, whose inevitable loss of innocence is heart-wrenching, and whose spirit, determination, and sheer grit is truly inspirational!


Victoria Madison is a hard hitting investigative reporter. Her latest assignment becomes really personal when her twin sister, Valerie ,a high fashion runway model is murdered by a serial killer.With the help and insight of the former detectives, previously assigned to the serial killer case, Victoria reopens the investigation  and publishes a book on The Killer titled "LULLABY". Her book draws the serial killer, known as Lullaby, out. 

Victoria and The Killer engage in an emotinally charged battle of wits to avenge her sisters death. As the game of cat and mouse draws to its end,only one of them can survive.

Haym Salomon, a Jewish immigrant from Poland who played a critical role in establishing the United States of America. “If it were not for Salomon’s efforts, America as we know it would not exist,” said Arcuri, partner at Identity Features  “Most people do not even know the name Haym Salomon, and yet without him, there would be no America.  This is among the greatest stories never told.”  Arcuri adds, “This is an important mini-series that should be seen not only by all Americans, but by everyone who wants to understand the roots of American freedom.”  In 1976, the U.S. Postal Service issued a commemorative stamp with the inscription, “Financial hero, businessman and broker , Haym Salomon was responsible for raising most of the money needed to finance the American Revolution and later to save the new nation from collapse.” Based on historical fact, ‘For God and Country’ is the dramatic account of how Salomon arrived penniless on the shores of America and rose to become The Financier of the American Revolution.  Without his efforts, George Washington would not have had the funds to supply his troops in the fight for American Independence.  “What is ironic, if not unforgivable, is that Salomon died bankrupt,” said Arcuri, who spent years researching and writing his screenplay.  “To this day, Salomon’s story has been overlooked, and his heirs have never received repayment for the monies he loaned to the United States.” Arcuri adds, “I personally think that Salomon should receive a golden page in our history.  We have also created a commemorative coin and medallion, a documentary and I’m working hard to make his great story into a major film for the world to see.”

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Based on the autobiographical memoir of the same name, "Escape to Nowhere" is the story of a brave, young woman, Hannah, and her family, in Nazi occupied Poland. Hannah, an extraordinary young mother, was remarkably resourceful, courageous, possessing an unwavering determination to stay just steps ahead of The Nazis and their horrific impending plan to eliminate The Jews of Europe.  With only a bunch of gold coins, a small backpack of clothing, and her beloved little boy Alex, at her side Hannah, went on the run from the Nazis having nowhere to go, or escape, nowhere to hide! Hunger and cold were much their oppressive constant companions as they witnessed the tragedy of humanity lost, gone forever!

Hannah's indomitable spirit and perseverance to endure with Alex under the most brutally hazardous circumstances touched her then little son's heart and soul in ways he could not yet fathom. Challenged by insurmountable odds, alone in the world but for the boy, Hannah manages to outrun the Nazis, surviving on her wits and the kindness of one who provided them shelter, for the last of her gold coins. Mother and son survived in a make-shift bunker, without seeing the light of day, underground, for 20 months. Hannah kept her son quiet with stories which he would have to recount to her in detail.  Alex's mother, Hannah, instilled in him, from that time on, a deep appreciation for the value of an education. Like faith, this is something to be shared; education ensures enlightenment. This, forged the enduring legacy she would later pass on to Alex.

Some 70 years later, Alex Konstantyn, has become a celebrity in his own right. Lecturing to a variety of audiences about his experiences as a Holocaust Survivor, he continues to create better understanding between people, especially among high school students.  Carrying the torch of   his mother's legacy, Alex has given his life to Jewish education, after having served in the IDF, fighting for freedom to achieve independence, and the right of The State of Israel to exist, as the nation of The Jewish People.  Once again, the torch will be passed on to a new generation as his granddaughter is now wearing the uniform of the IDF, honoring both her great grandmother's Hannah's legacy, and their beloved Israel.